OFAC - Organic Fertilizer Association of California
OFAC - Organic Fertilizer Association of California


Active membership in OFAC is open to all firms that produce, manufacture, distribute, or retail organic fertilizers in California. Businesses, individuals, non-profit organizations, universities and government entities that do not qualify for active membership, but support the purposes of the association, are welcome to become Associate Members.


You are urged to become a member of OFAC and help our industry embrace the opportunities and challenges of the future. Membership in OFAC offers the opportunity to network, provide input into the future of the industry, and get the latest information impacting the organic fertilizer industry.

Annual Membership Fees


Active Voting Membership: $1,000

Associate Non-Voting Membership:




* Please see Membership Application for qualifications.

Complete the following documents (download by clicking the join today button below) and return them with the annual membership fee.