OFAC - Organic Fertilizer Association of California
OFAC - Organic Fertilizer Association of California

Who We Are

The purpose of the Organic Fertilizer Association of California (OFAC) is to:


Engage in legislative and regulatory activities;

Communicate issues to its membership and interested parties;

Promote organic fertilizer use and organic cultural practices through education and research;

Facilitate industry communications and activism; and

Formulate industry standards for quality, safety and NOPcompliance.

This is accomplished by working with the various government agencies, such as the fertilizer and organic programs of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and the United States Department of Agriculture—National Organic Food Program (NOP), which impact the industry.  An advocacy program is under development to educate legislators on the benefits and standards of organic fertilizers.


A regular newsletter is distributed to OFAC members and interested parties to keep them up-to-date on issues. OFAC will provide information and hold seminars on organic fertilizer use and cultural practices.


Regular meetings of the association are scheduled to facilitate communications among industry members, organic certifiers and our customers. OFAC will help make growers and the public aware of the important role organic fertilizers play in producing organic food and sustaining our environment.

2018 Voting Members

Agra Marketing Group
Bio Gro Inc.
BioScientific, Inc.
Black Earth Humic LP
California Safe Soil
Catalyst Product Group
Converted Organics, Inc.
Foster Farms
Global Organics, LLC
Grow More
Growers Secret, Inc.
Natural Resources Group
Nature Safe Natural and Organic Fertilizer
Ocean Organics
SQM North America
Tiger-Sul Products, Inc.
Westbridge Agricultural Products
Wilbur Ellis
WISErg Corporation